SieMatic Debuts Showroom Space in Montreal

SieMatic has relocated its Montreal showroom, providing a sophisticated, inspirational space for designers and consumers to experience the brand’s lifestyle collections. The new SieMatic Montreal location is ideally situated among other design houses and upscale showrooms, providing convenience while complementing the timeless and distinctive elegance for which SieMatic is known.

Discerning consumers entering the new showroom are greeted by four kitchen vignettes, each showcasing a SieMatic style collection while helping the visitor get a true sense for the individual lifestyle each exudes. The Classic vignette reveals a contemporary interpretation of traditional cabinetry and kitchen design elements through subtle features such as glass shelves, nickel doors and an absence of handles. Meanwhile the vignette’s wood flooring and molding further enhance Classic’s traditional inspiration.

In the Pure vignette, sintered stone flooring provides a natural look that complements the collection’s soothing simplicity. Characterized by clean, sleek lines, Pure’s delicate frames, blend of metallics and woods and nuanced lacquer hues convey a purist, minimalist ambiance.

One of two vignettes highlighting SieMatic’s Urban collection features a brick wall and large black-framed window reminiscent of metropolitan lofts. The industrial-chic feel correlates with Urban’s interplay of intensity and composure. Completing the tour is an Urban vignette featuring the FloatingSpaces panel system, which embraces an open layout with a living room area and open shelving.

“The new, reimagined Montreal showroom is designed to inspire designers and their clients with authentic vignettes exuding the distinctive vibe of each design theme,” said Jean-Martin Lapointe, vice president of development, SieMatic Montreal. “Homeowners can truly visualize not only how the cabinetry will look in their kitchens, but how the collection will impact the feel of their entire home.”


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