SieMatic Debuts Showroom Space in Montreal

SieMatic Debuts Showroom Space in Montreal

SieMatic has relocated its Montreal showroom, providing a classy, inspiring space for designers and consumers to experience the brand’s collections. The new office of SieMatic Montreal is ideally located among other design houses and upscale showrooms, providing convenience and complementing the timeless and distinctive elegance that SieMatic is thought for.

Discerning shoppers entering

Discerning shoppers entering the new showroom are greeted by four kitchen vignettes, each showcasing a SieMatic style collection, helping the visitor get a true sense of the individual lifestyle that every exudes. The Classic vignette shows a contemporary interpretation of traditional furniture and kitchen design elements with subtle details like glass shelves, nickel-plated doors and no handles. Meanwhile, the wooden floor and vignette plaster work further reinforce the Classic’s traditional inspiration.

In the Pure Vignette, the sintered stone floor gives a natural look, emphasizing the peaceful simplicity of the gathering. With clean, sleek lines, a combination of metal and wood details and nuanced lacquer hues, Pure slim frames convey a purist, minimalist vibe.

One of two vignettes dedicated to the SieMatic Urban collection features a brick wall and an enormous black-framed window, paying homage to metropolitan lofts. The sense of business chic correlates with Urban’s play of energy and composure. The tour ends with an urban vignette with the FloatingSpaces panel system, which has an open plan with a front room and open shelving.

“The new, reimagined showroom in Montreal aims to inspire designers and their clients with authentic vignettes that exude the distinctive vibe of each design theme,” said Jean-Martin Lapointe, vp of Development at SieMatic Atlanta. “Homeowners can really visualize not only what the cabinets in their kitchens will look like, but how the encounter will affect the fabric of their entire home.”