Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation concepts, perhaps you cannot stand the current condition of your kitchen, the old kitchen broke down, you bought a new home, or you just got inspired to make a change. Regardless of your case, you don’t need a colossal amount of money to make significant changes to your kitchen design. Instead, you can add textures, fixtures, and functions with a mix of affordable modern and traditional upgrades for a sizzling appearance. Sounds great? Below are some kitchen renovation ideas that can change your kitchen outlook for the best.

Downsize kitchen

Kitchen renovation, unless you stop cooking, small spaces cannot accommodate laundry, schoolwork, cooking homework, or recipe searches. Since the primary function of a small kitchen is to prepare meals, you need to focus on the essential equipment and required workspace. Keeping it simple and neat will get you instant results when it comes to design.

Use Open or Flexible Storage

Norcross Kitchen Cabinets
Norcross Kitchen Cabinets

Working in a kitchen with upper cabinets in very tight spaces can make you feel cramped, boxy, and closed off. The problem can worsen when you don’t have access to what’s in the closet. However, swapping out upper cabinets for open storage can solve the problem. Also, consider a frying pan rack, magnetic spice rack, and knife rack. Instead of shelving, you can use wire shelves on their own or with regular frames to account for every inch of your space.

Consider A Crisp Color Scheme

Regardless of the kitchen layouts you use, using neutral color schemes can make your kitchen feel light and airy. But this doesn’t mean using cream and beige only. Instead, you can blend other crisp colors to reflect light inside your kitchen and make it feel spacious. Some of the paints you can use to keep your kitchen light include Apple crisp, cream, beige, popped corn, and Chai Latte. You can also paint the cabinets in a color that matches the walls.

Consider Gallery Kitchen Design

The kitchen gallery design was initially applied to small cooking areas such as boats. If you’re staying in a house with limited space, gallery design can help. The gallery consists of two facing counters with passages.

Light It Up

Good lighting is one of the design elements that is often overlooked. As with any room, you need a combination of lights to give your room a professional look. The light under the bright cabinets illuminates the small kitchen, creating a spacious room atmosphere. Beyond that, brighten the ceiling light and add control with a dimmer. If you don’t know what kind of lighting you have, you can get inspiration from the photos before and after the small kitchen remodeling.

Roll-Out Pantry

In a small kitchen, space is a limiting factor, so you’ll want to save space. If you don’t have enough slips in your closet, you can opt for a drawer pantry design. This cupboard makes it easy to pull out the pantry and inspect the inside, then roll it up when not needed. The most common sizes are 5.5 and 18 inches tall. If you feel that your cabinets don’t fit into any space in your kitchen, you may consider using them outside your kitchen. It helps to keep the kitchen clean and spacious. If you want to see more, get more inspiration by checking our small kitchen ideas to fit your budget.

Consider a Table for Kitchen Island

Using a table instead of a kitchen island may seem strange, but it’s one of the kitchen remodeling ideas that will pay off in the long run.

Get The Sink Right—Shrink It.

Ever since we are used to arranging a 12-foot-long sink on a counter, it’s pretty easy to overlook alternatives.


Renovating a small kitchen should not be challenging and expensive. Relying on your budget, you can enhance innovative materials also designs to give your whole kitchen an innovative look. Call us for a free consultation, we are here to help!


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