Kitchen Countertop Color

What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You ChooseAre you contemplating which kitchen countertop color to choose for your new kitchen or kitchen remodeling project? The good news is that there are a good number of choices to select from.


In this article, we`ll review 6 popular color choices that can give you the look you want, using your preferred material.

1. Flecked or Softly Veined White

This is one of the most adorable finishes you can have on your countertop in 2021. In fact, it is one of the best colors for countertops with white cabinets. A stone or manufactured slab material like quartz, in an off-white shade with a light multi-tonal fleck, is sure to give your kitchen the ambiance you`ve been dreaming of.


Additionally, the pale tone gives the kitchen a vast sense of cleanness and brightness. If you`re installing materials such as lantern pendant lights, knotty woods, and Shaker cabinets, you`ll see the true beauty of it.

2. Pure White

The contemporary, minimalist freshness that comes with pure white countertops made with Corian or Caesar stone is unlike the type that a natural stone can match. These materials are also quite resistant to stain, making it easier to clean them.


Generally, pure white countertops are excellent for your kitchen if you have a small space that you want to magnify. This also works if you love crisp, modern style, or if you love a nautical white-and-blue contrast. You should see the dazzling brilliance of a pure white counter paired with blue cabinetry.

3. Wood

Here’s another best color for countertops with white cabinets. If you think your white cabinets need a little warming up or you`re looking for a natural or accent feel on your countertop to contrast with other surfaces, then you should consider a wood countertop.


The inviting natural richness of warm wood is an excellent choice for infusing a cool, natural personality into your kitchen. In fact, for places that already feature wood cabinets or a natural appeal, wood counters are the best.


Wood counters are also great choices for transitional kitchens that seek to create a balance between traditional and contemporary elements. Ashy gray tones are perfect for traditional feels, while red-brown woods are great for 2021 contemporary ambiance.

4. Midtone or Gray

If you`re looking for a neutral countertop, you might want to consider soft gray countertops and mid-tone shades, such as beiges and creamy off-white cabinets combined with golden yellow undertones in the backsplash and wood. The creamy counters create a harmonious appealing look.


Midtone or gray countertops are excellent when you want a soft, serene, and peaceful feel around you in the kitchen. Because it is neutral, it is a good combination with colorful cabinetry or multiple colors of cabinets.

5. Dark or Black

While dark countertops are ideal in some cases, in others, they look so gothic. For a combination of dark cabinetry, dark floors, or other complementary colors, a dark countertop will be fine. However, you need lots of lights in such a room. Otherwise, you`ll have a cave-like ambiance in there.


In some other cases, a rich, dark countertop can prove really effective for bringing out subtle colors in painted cabinets. Also, a dark gray, rather than pure black softens the general appearance.

6. Calcatta Lago for Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops naturally do come with multiple advantages. The Calcatta Lago is one of the most popular quartz countertops in 2021. The material has a creamy-white color and features dark gray marbling. This means that it will fit well in kitchens that have dark cabinetry.


The white color in the stone creates a fine contrast with your backsplash, cabinets, and other kitchen elements, while the veins in the stone infuse some character to the countertops.

Final Words

The list discussed here is not exhaustive on the subject. For instance, there are still other options, such as some popular granite colors like white ice granite, black pearl leather granite, and blue pearl granite (which comes in beautiful shades of blues, beige, and grays).

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