Visitors to New York’s Bryant Park Enjoy TOTO Plumbing Products

Plumbing manufacturerTOTO announced that this summer more than 375,000 New Yorkers and visitors have experienced its sustainable, high-design plumbing products in Bryant Park’s newly renovated luxury public restrooms, which opened in late April. By year’s end, an estimated 1.15 million people will have visited the posh Bryant Park loos and experienced the TOTO products.

Bryant Park’s mission is to provide a luxury bathroom experience for all visitors. Its restrooms have long been lauded for amenities such as full-time attendants, bright fresh flower arrangements and the sounds of classical music.

Before undertaking its new $280,000 renovation project, Bryant Park’s Design-Build team sought inspiration from some of New York’s finest luxury hotels. High-end improvements included imported floor and wall tiles, coffered ceilings, crown moldings, all-weather temperature controls, energy-saving LED lighting and plein air paintings by the park’s painters-in-residence. The team selected TOTO sustainable, high-performance plumbing products because their design enhances the aesthetics of heavy-traffic facilities as they provide performance and reliability, reducing both water and maintenance costs.

“We are proud to partner with Bryant Park, one of New York City’s most beloved landmarks, and support its mission of providing New Yorkers from all walks of life with a luxury bathroom experience,” said Toru Yamamura, president, Eastern U.S. and Canadian Sales Division, TOTO USA. “This iconic project marks another in a long line of high-profile TOTO installations because our award-winning products are the first choice of architects, designers, and engineers, who seek the highest quality fixtures, which help make people’s lives cleaner, healthier, less complicated and more beautiful.”

In its posh public restrooms

In its posh public restrooms, Bryant Park’s Design Build Team installed TOTO’s 1.28 gpf High Efficiency Toilets, 0.125 gpf High Efficiency Urinals and EcoPower High Efficiency Sensor Flush Valves – both 1.28 and 0.125 gpf models. Having endured rigorous testing at TOTO facilities, the valves and china ensure maximum efficiency when used together. TOTO’s fixtures and cover plates enhance the restrooms’ beauty with their clean, simple lines.

The Helix Wall-Mount EcoPower High- Efficiency 0.5 gpf Sensor Faucets, like the flush valves, use flowing water to power their electronics, creating a sustainable loop. There is no need for hard wiring or the expense of routine batter replacement. Their backup battery will last up to 19 years, which reduces toxic battery waste. The Arvina Round Vessel Lavatories bring an understated elegance with their quiet sophistication. The energy-efficient Clean Dry High-Speed Hand Dryers’ innovative air wicking technology completely dries the user’s hands in under 12 seconds, and they are quiet during operation.

“Having this partnership with TOTO is ideal,” said Dan Biederman, executive director of the Bryant Park Corporation. “We both share a commitment to providing top-notch experiences for the public, and we both maintain the highest standards for the services and amenities we provide on a daily basis. Each day, the thousands who visit Bryant Park’s restrooms see the TOTO name and quickly realize that its fixtures contribute to a luxurious experience in a public restroom.”

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