Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga

Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga

Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga

Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga, Many of us gained a whole newfound respect for our kitchens during the pandemic—where it’s we made all types of food, worked from home, prepared meals when we couldn’t go out, watched too much television, idly browsed through our phones, and so on. As we approach the new year, we’ve learned how important it is to have a multi-functional kitchen. Here are a few Kitchen Design ideas for you

Adding Colors

Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga, Colors will make a comeback in the kitchen. Since the outbreak, many of us have spent more time in our kitchens than ever before, and there’s a natural urge to make this space seem more personal. Our houses have served as a haven and a source of inspiration for us, and I anticipate that people will have a lot more fun with kitchen design. A strong, contrasting color palette may not only add charm and originality to a place, but I also anticipate seeing a variety of finishes, including matte and high gloss! Discuss these things with your contractor before the renovation.

Keeping the lights Natural

Expansive windows along the counter area or extra-large skylights above the island or stove will be the style of 2022. The aim is to bring nature in and let sunlight fall across a variety of material grains—wood grain, marble, glazed tile, and the undulations of brush-applied paint, The preference now is for a lightly used vintage hand tool rather than a stainless laboratory. This is a time when you should feel both warm and open. Again plan ahead to keep this hassle-free with your hired help.

Keeping it Friendly for Pets

During COVID, more people acquired dogs than ever before, and therefore, they’re considering how to bring them into the heart of the home. In the kitchen, storage is always at a premium, and unclaimed spaces like toe-kick space are generally overlooked—what better way to maximize the space. We’re confident that your dogs will agree.

Cottage Style

Cottage kitchens are making a resurgence, demonstrating their versatility, they are a clever use of a tiny area. That, and giving you a warm, lived-in vibe that makes you want to stay at home—by choice!”

Back Splashes

Slab backsplashes will be popular in 2022, This is a really clean, modern style, It allows you to book match your veining and turn it up to the ceiling. It also gets rid of all the grout lines that may make a backsplash look cluttered. You can talk to us for ideas and advice.


Architectural statement hoods will be large—big, to generate drama, whites and creams will be mixed with deeper, earthy tones. Marble-inspired quartz countertops, a departure from subway tile, will become a new favorite backsplash choice. Gold accents and large pendants will continue to be trendy.

Storage Spaces

Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga
Kitchen Design Alpharetta ga

Space was always important, and its relevance has expanded over time as the kitchen has taken on numerous tasks within the home. Now that we’ve accumulated a lot more devices and stocked up on all those cabinet staples, finding a decent way to organize them is critical. You can choose from the various space-friendly designs we provide, to level up your kitchen remodeling.

Include a kitchen office in your renovation.
Make it a part of the redesign if you want to utilize your kitchen as an office. You don’t require a large amount of area. Often, a modest seating space with a computer station suffices. Add Internet connectivity and outlets for plugging in your computer equipment during the remodel (search “add outlets” on familyhandyman.com). Also, provide storage space, such as shelves or a recessed wall cabinet, to prevent documents from becoming misplaced or causing a mess.
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