DXV’s 2017 Design Panel Is Revealed

At the DXV Design Event held earlier this evening, the 2017 Design Panelists unveiled their designs for the first time. Luxury brand DXV, part of the global LIXIL Corp., explores the world of architecture and design throughout the ages by unveiling “Journey The World. Arrive Transformed.,” created by the DXV 2017 Design Panel.

“Journey the World” takes inspiration from four cities with uniquely distinguishing building characteristics and design styles – Florence, Casablanca, Copenhagen and Toronto – and interprets them through bathroom settings that highlight timeless DXV fixtures and faucets.

DXV selected this year’s Design Panel members – Michele Alfano, Kati Curtis, Alison Habermehl and Corey Damen Jenkins – from an impressive field of gifted and experienced designers. The panelists have each distinguished themselves by earning recognition from influential design award programs, sharing their expertise in high-profile publications and directing successful design businesses.

The DXV 2017 Design Panel created the following bath vignettes:

Corey Damen Jenkins – “Classic Renaissance,” Florence (1890-1920)

Corey Damen Jenkins is the principal of the award-winning Detroit-based design firm, Corey Damen Jenkins & Assoc., with a focus on vibrant colors, layered patterns and strong architectural elements. “Clients have different tastes, different aesthetics,” he said, explaining his appreciation for the DXV brand. “You need to have a go-to product line that can meet your customers’ many needs. DXV offers that versatility.”

Jenkins looked to Florentine architecture for inspiration for this DXV bathroom space (pictured above), incorporating classic Corinthian columns, a dome ceiling and an intricate church window. Taking its cues from the curvaceous lines of the St. George freestanding soaking tub, this oval-shaped library offers a uniquely relaxing respite, placing both books and bathing accessories within easy reach. Echoing the stately shape of the freestanding tub are additional pieces from DXV’s St. George collection, including a sculptural one-piece elongated toilet and console sink.

Vibrant lacquered paint, bright and abstract artwork, and toile wallpaper replete with unexpected whimsy complete this glamorous room. The result is a classic, yet fashion-forward celebration of the past with a vivid nod to the now.

Kati Curtis – “Golden Era Getaway,” Casablanca (1920-1950)

Based in Manhattan and Los Angeles, Kati Curtis, CID, founded Kati Curtis Design (KCD) in 2005 after 12 years of working with international architecture and engineering firms. With a style that’s unrestrained yet very refined, her work highlights the sophistication of New York with a twist of California.

Curtis created a serene Casablanca bathroom appropriately based upon a Hamman, a steam bath similar to a Turkish bath. The Fitzgerald freestanding soaking tub is a fixture from the DXV Golden Era movement, inspired by a time when the handcrafted blended with the modern.

“Moroccan culture is also focused on craft and doing things in a time-honored way,” she said, “but at the same time adapting that into modern life.”

Highlighting chic lines and angular forms, faucets from the DXV Keefe collection – in a special order matte black finish – pop against a background of Moroccan tile, contrasting a traditional art with contemporary design.

“What translates so well with DXV is that you can create a historical space with a lot of ancient influences but use very modern pieces in a way that works beautifully,” added Curtis.

Michele Alfano – “Mid-Century Hygge,” Copenhagen (1950-1990)

Michele Alfano is the founder and creative director of Michele Alfano Design, a collaborative studio focused on the nexus of interior design and technology. Suggesting life on a houseboat, Alfano’s DXV bathroom brings the city of Copenhagen indoors with the use of natural materials like hewn beams, water-inspired colors and a living moss wall.

To achieve a sense of Nordic coziness, Alfano balanced light-colored materials with the occasional geometric pattern and pop of color. The design flexibility and cool curves of the complete DXV Modulus collection, scheduled to launch this November, were a natural fit for this aesthetic – from the striking soaking tub to the unique, wall-mounted drawer unit, countertop slab and vanity tray.

“The DXV Modulus collection’s user experience is impressive,” noted Alfano. “The vanity tray fits perfectly on top of the lavatory, on top of the floating drawer or even inside it. There’s thoughtfulness to the design.”

Alison Habermehl – “Contemporary Penthouse,” Toronto (1990-Today)

Alison is the principal at Habermehl Design Group in Waterloo, Ontario; Canada, and editor of the blog HD Stylestudio. Over the past two decades, Alison’s her has evolved into an impressive collection of stunning, high-end, carefully articulated and customized projects.

In her sleek Toronto bathroom, Habermehl selected a rounded shower and dark tiles to create a gracious and soothing atmosphere. Strategic lighting and soft colors add warmth and quiet drama to the room’s clean lines.

“In the future, I think we’re going to see a softer, more feminine style – curvaceous design, no sharp corners, everything is very sensuous,” said Habermehl.

A perfect expression of this approach to design: the cool, sloping shape of the Lyndon freestanding tub is set before an oversized mirror, providing a focal point for the room. Percy widespread cross handle faucets perch above two different sizes of undercounter lavatories from the Pop collection, increasing usability without threatening the room’s minimalistic origins.

“The Percy faucet has a wonderful tactile nature,” said Habermehl. “I think this encourages you to think a little more about both the faucet and the water you’re using and appreciate it more because you use it so often.”

In 2014, the DXV flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products launched to celebrate the distinguished 140-plus-year heritage of American Standard by reimagining the most influential design movements during that time: Classic (1890-1920), Golden Era (1920-1950), Modern (1950-1990) and Contemporary (1990-Today).

DXV luxury kitchen and bath products are available through an exclusive network of showrooms and dealers across North America. For more information, please visit www.dxv.com.


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