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12 Ways to Get a Luxe Bathroom Look for Less

Many homeowners desire to have an amazing-looking bathroom but are often not financially capable of taking care of the expenses involved. While sprucing up your washroom requires a heavy budget, you can — with a few tricks — go for a kitchen remodel that will give you a luxe bathroom, without breaking your account. Perhaps you`re just looking for how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget. Here are 12 tricks to help you achieve designer bathrooms on a budget.

1. Installing Grout Colored Tiles

Instead of tiling all or most of your wall surface (which is rather expensive), you can install white ceramic subway tiles, which are generally more affordable. But you can go for the dark or gray grout color if you don’t like the flat finished look of white subway tiles. Besides, both Gray and white cost the same.

2. Use Larger-Format Tile

For a remodel project aimed at achieving a luxury bathroom on a budget, you can search for a more customized, pocket-friendly tile dimension, instead of the traditional 3 X 6 inches format. For instance, tile sizes of 2 X 9 inches and 4 X 8 inches can give your bathroom an outstanding look.

3. Consider Trim Accents

Another way to get luxe for less in your bathroom is by giving your standard tile a little punch by splurging a bit on trim pieces as accents. This is how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget as it gives your bathroom a unique look, and the little quantity required won’t stress your purse.

4. Install a Tile Rug

You can save a few more dollars when it comes to the flooring of your room. Instead of laying expensive stone mosaics as most people would, you can save by creatively designing a rug at the center of the room to give an eye-catching effect. Then use large-format tiles to cover up the surrounding space in a coordinated style.

5. Upgrade Knobs and Pulls

If you desire to have a luxe-looking bathroom for less or just looking for how to accessorize your bathroom on a budget, you can use simple hardware models to create a one-of-a-kind look. Check local and online stores for ideas.

6. Furniture Vanities

You can repurpose a flea market purchase or a nice piece of furniture in your home into a piece of unique vanity furniture, such as a filing cabinet. If possible, you can create something much more interesting with the old furniture, like cutting holes in the surface of the cabinet for a drop-in sink and faucet. You can also include retrofit drawers to create room for water supply.

7. Choose Less Expensive Stones

Stones can add a lot of punch to the aesthetics of your bathroom, and they sometimes come across as a must-have. But you can still achieve a designer bathroom on a budget. Check for less exotic stone types like Carrara marble at your local stores.

8.  Choose Your Bathtub Wisely

Being the biggest item in a typical bathroom, the bathtub can be the most expensive item you’ll have to purchase for a remodel or new bathroom. However, you don’t have to break the bank. The luxurious types can go as high as $10,000, while less expensive vintage tubs from local architectural salvage shops or Craigslist can be purchased for as low as $700 to $500.

9. Affordable Finish for Plumbing Fittings

For all your plumbing fittings, you can go for nickel, bronze, brass, and chrome finishing, which are generally less costly. Amongst all, chrome is the least expensive and easiest to maintain. It also looks really good in both traditional and modern bathrooms.

10. Try Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can truly freshen up your washroom and add some personal style to the space. Unlike expensive glass doors, finishing up with fresh white shower curtains will give you a luxurious bathroom for less.

11. Go Creative With Your Mirrors

The cost of the majority of mirrors on the market can fit into a tight budget. From wall-mounted variants with telescopic arms and portable pedestals to the more stylishly lighted vanity mirrors, you have a wide variety of options to pick from when thinking of affordable luxury bathrooms.

12. Go Luxe With Accessories

Little extras make a big difference. To further accessorize your bathroom on a budget, go for less expensive-looking toiletry storage like pretty glass pumps and bottles that look really nice. These can also add a glamorous touch to the overall appearance of your bathroom.


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